best Champagne Papis Loveday Brut black edition

Champagne PAPIS cuvée is a faithful expression of the strong personality of the great wines of the Montagne de Reims.

Our handmade vinification without malolactic fermentation allows us to keep all the fruitiness our land has to offer, and results in elegance and freshness.


   - 90 % pinot noir

   - 10 % chardonnay

   - 30 % selected wines of the previous 2 years

   - 15 % vinified in barrels


Champagne PAPIS is characterized by the strength, the freshness and the fruitiness of the Verzenay land. The olfaction offers a delicious sensation of fine ripe fruits.

The result is an ultra luxury champagne with a strong and pure image. An Acid overshadowed by its strong character, sensation of ripe fruits and an excellent maintaining of a unique taste.

A generous Champagne, very well supported by its acidity. A drink without restriction for any occasions.

The renowned wine magazine Falstaff evaluated the quality of the Champagne Papis Brut, in the course of a blind tasting by a professional jury, and honored it with 90 points. In a further explanation the magazine categorized Champagne Papis as: “Excellent champagne, among the best of the year”

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