best rose in the world Champagne Papis Loveday

Champagne PAPIS Brut Rosé is made by assembling blancs de noirs and rare red Verzenay grapes of brilliant color and soberness.

Its aromas are fruity, grenadine, apricot, white peach and red berries.

It delights with its fine fruitiness and strong expression.


Created with pinot noir, precious red wine ripened in barrels and without going through malolactic fermentation. A truly handmade Champagne with passion and love.


- 90 % pinot noir

- 10 % chardonnay

- 25 % selected wines of the previous 2 years


What is more seducing than a flute of crystal clear pale rose Champagne PAPIS, perfectly completed by its rising golden bubbles?

Medium effervescence, the taste of strawberries, raspberries and cherries, a complex bouquet that takes a little time to fully develop and reveal its intense taste and perfection.

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